7 Biggest Renewable Projects in the World

Tengger Desert Solar Park, China
  1. Tengger Desert Solar Park, China: Often referred to as the “Great Wall of Solar”, the vast plant covers an area of 43km². It is located in a 1,200km² stretch of desert near Zhongwei in Northern China. Developments like this benefit from the decrease in production costs of photovoltaic panels over the last few years. With 60% of the world’s solar panels being made in China, the country is in a prime position to make the most of the technology. The park is continuing to expand but currently comprises over 20 integrated photovoltaic power plants, generating up to 1547 megawatts — more than any other solar farm in the world.
Ivanpah Solar Facility, USA
Siwha Lake Tidal Power Station
Walney Wind Farm, UK
Roscoe Wind Farm, TX
The Geysers, CA
Three Gorges Dam, China:



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